Further resources

Further resources on monitoring and learning

Useful websites


BetterEvaluation policy influence and advocacy theme page - a portal for advice on designing evaluations and monitoring systems and choosing methods; includes an innovative and highly practical framework.

Innovation Network Point K - a long-running resource library for evaluators of advocacy and policy change interventions.

Research to Action M&E portal - A portal for researchers working in international development including regular features, news, blogs and publications on M&E of research use.

LSE Impact of Social Sciences blog - A popular blog among the UK social science research community but gaining international renown across sectors because of its thoughtful discussions about the cutting edge of research communication, policy engagement and managing for impact.

OnThinkTanks M&E of influence topic page - A blog with a range of opinions, tips and tools about M&E of influence, oriented to think tanks but widely applicable.

Guides to monitoring and evaluating policy influence and advocacy


ODI Working paper: Monitoring and evaluating policy influence and advocacy – Tsui, J., Hearn, S. and Young, J. (2014)

ODI Toolkit: Making a Difference: M&E of Policy Research – Hovland, I. (2007)

ODI Background note: A Guide to Monitoring and Evaluating Policy Influence – Jones, H. (2011)

Assessing Advocacy - Barkhorn, I., Huttner, N. & Blau, J. (2013)

Unique Methods in Advocacy Evaluation - Coffman, J. and Reid, E. (2007)

Advocacy Evaluation: Review and Opportunities - Whelan, J. (2008)


Examples of M&E of influence

The following is a list of ten selected examples of monitoring and evaluation of influence. It covers a broad range of contexts, purposes and approaches.  All of these examples demonstrate an approach aligned to that which is discussed in this chapter and which has either informed or applied the approach described.

Examples of the design of M&E systems and processes:

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning in NGO Advocacy. Findings from Comparative Policy Advocacy MEL Review Project - Coe, J., & Majot, J. (2013)

Supporting international climate negotiators: a monitoring and evaluation framework - Hamza-Goodacre, D., Jefford, S., & Simister, N. (2013) 

Maximising the Impact of Transdisciplinary Research With a Novel Approach: ROMA -  Michel, C. et al. (2013) 

Monitoring policy dialogue: lessons from a pilot study - Watson, S. and Pierce, J. (2008)

Examples of M&E of research impact

What Difference does a Policy Brief Make? - Beynon, P. (2012)

Informal Traders Lock Horns with the Formal Milk Industry: The role of research in pro-poor dairy policy shift in Kenya - Leksmono, C., Young, J., Hooton, N., Muriuki, H., & Romney, D. (2006)

Example of M&E of NGO advocacy:

Monitoring and evaluating advocacy: lessons from Oxfam GB’s Climate Change campaign - Starling, S. (2010)

Example of M&E of ‘soft influencing’ by donors and implementing organisations:

DFID Influencing in the Health Sector - Clarke, J., Mendizabal, E., Leturque, H., Walford, V., & Pearson, M. (2009)