Many people have been involved in the process of developing and refining the RAPID Outcome Mapping Approach, from its genesis through to its current evolution almost 10 years later. Without the funding and long term support provided by IDRC, this guide would not have become a reality. We are also indebted to the original IDRC research which developed the Outcome Mapping approach on which ROMA is based.

As former Director of ODI, Simon Maxwell initiated the work on bridging research and policy which grew into the RAPID programme. Many other members of the RAPID team have made invaluable contributions, including: Julius Court, Ingie Hovland, Jeff Knezovich, Enrique Mendizabal, Clara Richards and other past and current members of the team. The UK Department of International Development funded much of the early research and many of the initial workshops through which ROMA evolved. We are also grateful to attendees at many RAPID workshops over the years, whose comments, questions and experiences helped craft ROMA into a practical tool.

We would like to thank our reviewers: Amy Etherington and Tricia Wind at IDRC; Chrisanta Muli at Oxfam Australia; Alison Misselhorn at the Health Economics and AIDS Research Division; Caroline Hoy at DFID; and Frauke de Weijer at ECDPM. Finally we would like to thank our editors, Anna Brown, Roo Griffiths and Jessica Sinclair Taylor for turning a large and occasionally unruly collection of experiences and ideas into a practical and readable guide, and Steven Dickie for working his magic on the design.

This guide was written by John Young, Louise Shaxson, Harry Jones, Simon Hearn, Ajoy Datta and Caroline Cassidy.

Cover photograph by Graham Crumb - Imagicity

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